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Warning Leaving HBO this month
  • “Bachelor Party” staring young Tom hanks
    A funny and early bachelor party movie
    Worth a watch !!!!
  • “Last of the Mohicans” good movie Good adventure
  • “Somethings gotta give” funny. Nicholson and Keaton. Nice old rom com

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  • STARZ “party down”
    Dumb funny show from 2009, One season only , Lots of future premium cable actors, start is better than later episodes, but worth a binge

Eric Suggests

Atlanta will definitely be the next show I watch after I finish the new the season of Arrested Development. This season of Westworld has been awesome, I have especially been enjoying the scenes that take place in Shogunworld.

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If you haven’t watched Atlanta yet (On FX) I dont know why not

New Showtime Series “Patrick Melrose” First episode is well done - sad, tense, Hugo Weaving is pure evil

On Amazon Prime - “Bosch” 4 seasons - interesting LA Cop, GREAT MUSIC

Of course Westworld on HBO, but thats a no-brainer

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  • Santa Clara Diet - on Netflix , both seasons - undead - (funny) li> Barry - On HBO - New series (just started) - I have watched Epsiode 1 - very good, watch closely very nuanced.
  • Atlanta - On FX - two sessions ( Sesson 1 is available on Amazon Prime video I think) - I have watched season 1 very good, recording and getting ready to binge season 2
  • The Expanse - Amazon Prime video - TWO seasons, SEASON THREE is on SYFI, they didnt pick up a fourth seasion, but Amazon WILL!
  • Rick and Morty - Please Please Please can we get a session 4 !! - cartoon Sci fi, very very very very good, and funny - blows the logic of counterpart away but very different vibe that that


  • Hap and Leonard - on Netflix (Sundance TV) - series - quirky
  • Black Mirror - On Netflix (esp last season) - series - Sci fi - Dark (many would list this higher, but its. DARK.
  • A futile and stupid gesture - Netflix - movie about the national lampoon founder - interesting
  • Whale rider - on Netflix , movie - New Zealand - interesting,
  • Now Yokio - Netflix - cartoon series - anime - sci-fi - interesting, and strange
  • The good place - Neflix for back seasons - TV - not what you expect - funny,

This has been ok:

Counterpart - Series - On STARZ - serious with earth-1 earth-2 thing, very strange cold-war spy feel - logic of universes is off, but good acting and watchable
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