Woah, where did go? Well, to be honest I haven't really looked at that site since starting work at Apple in 2015. I probably should... but I probably sould do a lot of things. Right now I'm focusing on health, a wedding, closing on a house... it's enough. Expect to see my old site, or some more modern variant pop up eventually.

For now, this blog post will have to do. Hi! Welcome to my blog. It's hosted on Google Cloud Platform on a micro tier VPS. With any luck, this server will consume few enough resources so as to be continually free.

Actually, setting it up was kind of fun. I'd set up a similar set of infra on AWS's compute offering before starting work at Apple. Let's do a quick rundown of the differences.

Last Time

  • nginx reverse proxy - multiple server blocks allowed me to host many domains pointed at different local ports.
  • WordPress - I had friends who really wanted to try writing a blog. I set up WordPress in multi user mode specifically for them... turns out they weren't actually that interested.
  • ghost - the very blog platform you're currently experiencing.
  • my flat file site (one of the several nginx server blocks)

This Time

  • nginx reverse proxy - I still haven't found anything I like even an eigth as much.
  • Let's Encrypt - this is huge. This did not exist when I started at Apple and it's so amazing how easily devs can get SSL certs now. TLS all the things!
  • ghost - Ghost has grown a bit. It now has a lovely CLI. I guess CLIs have kind of come back into vogue because of npm/grunt/front end devs getting a bit more build chain-y.
  • mysql - bleh, I am a postgres person at heart... but getting mysql up and running (and fitting into the .6G of RAM) was relatively easy. It's in use as the persistence layer of this ghost instance.

And that's it. It's not as complicated. I'm not doing anything fancy or special. I actually think the VPS might be tapped out already with just what's here. It's enough.